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Israel Jerusalem Visit is a slide show of my solo visit to Israel, including Jerusalem. It shares photos, explanations and discoveries from Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Galilee. also shares travel tips with those planning a visit of their own to Jerusalem and the rest of Israel.

I am neither Jew nor Arab, and love to travel; I have visited over 60 countries around the world. One of the reasons for choosing to visit Israel was to see if the evidences in Israel match or refute the details claimed in the Bible (to start with those, click Jesus Birthplace. Otherwise, please click below).

I hope you will enjoy your visit and feel free to email me any questions or comments. Bon voyage!

Jerusalem Panorama

Travel Tip
When you arrive in Israel, ask the passport controller not to stamp your passport if you want to visit Arab Middle Eastern countries before your passport expires. Otherwise, you will have problems gaining entry into those countries. If landing at Jerusalem's Ben Gurion Airport, hold off on getting the bulk of your shekels until you get to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, where the exchange rates are better.

"Thank you for this website. It moved me." - Rachael Manx

"I plan to visit Israel with my wife in a couple of weeks and I want to thank you for all of the valuable information." - Javier Nayra

"I just read through your website with all of the pictures from Israel... by the time I reached the end I was fighting back the tears." - John B.

"Hello, I just happened to see your photos from Israel. It is touching, especially for people like me who have not been to Israel. I felt I was in Israel for a few hours." - Philip from India

"I took a tour of your tour, and I’m truly happy I did... I feel the same way as John B. Very emotional and thankful." - Tony Peterson

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